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About MaxSurge Healthcare Solutions


From a continual response to questions from oral surgeons, asking “How do I make my practice better,” MaxSurge was created in 2002 as a consulting firm to answer those questions and provide guidance on a full-time basis. What started as an answer to those initial questions has developed MaxSurge into a cutting-edge, technologically-driven Practice Management Firm with solutions that range from consulting, claims and collection billing and management, accreditation guidance, to practice documentation and marketing and third-party claims administration.

With 60 plus years expertise that encompasses each facet of practice development and operation, MaxSurge has helped numerous healthcare providers reach their prosperity goals.


  • Develop relationships with exceptional medical and dental specialists.
  • Provide proven clinical and business solutions that enhance productivity and minimize spending.
  • Improve patient care and encourage uncompromising standards.
  • Enhance and secure the specialists’ professional and personal lives through effective business planning and solutions.
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MaxSurge is dedicated to developing high standard, service-oriented medical and dental specialty practices across the nation. MaxSurge endeavors to provide superb, uncompromising business solutions and accelerated business management programs. As a medical and dental specialty corporation, the focus of MaxSurge is to assist in establishing superior and productive practices with exceptional standards of patient care.