Dr. John Scuba
Columbus Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Columbus, GA

After we considered the significant obstacles to a practice startup, we considered the option of having a management company assist us. We then started using Maxurge from day one, having just opened our new office in Columbus, Georgia in 2005. Aside from the pressing burden of establishing a new staff and beginning to treat patients, the all too often overlooked administrative part was a daunting task even for experienced providers and an experienced office manager. There was and still is an overwhelming amount of information and expertise that Maxsurge and its staff brought to our practice to assist in making sure we were in compliance with state and national regulations.
The benefits to our office come in many specific areas, such as OSHA, HIPAA and other essential areas of office management, not to mention billing, coding, and collections which are essential to a viable and growing oral surgery practice. Maxsurge was the “subject matter expert” bringing advice and counsel, not to mention office manuals which without such assistance which would have taken months if not longer to develop and then implement. Over time, when questions or problems have arisen, Maxsurge has been there for us and we are grateful for our relationship with this organization.

Andrew C. Johnson, DDS, MDS, CDT
Bold Dental
Fayetteville, AR

Having recently completed my residency intent on developing my own private practice, what I worried about most (and what I understood the least) are exactly the concerns Maxsurge has alleviated. I am confident that I have avoided a vast majority of the billing/management issues facing not just startup practices, but those established and seemingly efficient as well. I believe the services have paid for themselves (and then some) and afforded me the extra time necessary to focus on what I spent so much time training to do.

Michael Will, DDS, MD
Ijamsville, MD

Using MaxSurge services was definitely a wise business decision! When I considered opening my own practice, even though I’d served as an OMS [oral and maxillofacial surgeon] in the military for 20 years, I wanted to launch my new business and avoid the numerous mistakes and pitfalls as possible that many new practice owners make due to inexperience or uncertainty of what path to take.

MaxSurge can help you reach your practice goals more quickly and allow you more quality time outside the practice. MaxSurge certainly provided practice start up information and guidance in areas I would never have thought about and probably would have overlooked, resulting in delays in practice maturity and profitability. I have no doubt that MaxSurge makes the opening days, weeks and months busier, yielding higher early production and a better chance to beat the business plan.

Dr. Doug Johnson
St. Augustine Oral and Facial Surgical Center
St. Augustine, FL

Why MaxSurge? “Dr. Bolding presented a board review course that I attended. I was impressed with the way he managed, and I wanted to emulate a leading edge practice like his. A friend had started his practice with MaxSurge and was very happy with the services. I wanted to mentor with somebody who was the best, and Dr. Bolding and MaxSurge had a lot to teach me.”

How did you start? “My practice will open in April. Initially, Dr. Bolding and I performed demographic searching, decided where to locate my office, and started to work with a fellow who was familiar with the rules and regulations of surgical centers to set up the office for effective workflow. Using the MaxSurge referral program and materials, I’ve contacted doctors who are interested in having an oral surgeon nearby.”

What do you gain by working with MaxSurge? “I certainly needed as much help as possible with the business aspects — running the office, coding and payroll, and guidance on insurance. I’m a surgeon — not a businessman. I needed help to lay down the foundations for my practice and to speed up my success. With MaxSurge, instead of taking five years to reach my goals — I believe now it will only take two.”