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We specialize in revenue cycle management and business development for healthcare practices.

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About MaxSurge Healthcare Solutions


From a continual response to questions from oral surgeons, asking “How do I make my practice better,” MaxSurge was created in 2002 as a consulting firm to answer those questions and provide guidance on a full-time basis. What started as an answer to those initial questions has developed MaxSurge into a cutting-edge, technologically-driven Practice Management Firm with solutions that range from consulting, claims and collection billing and management, accreditation guidance, to practice documentation and marketing and third-party claims administration.

With 60 plus years expertise that encompasses each facet of practice development and operation, MaxSurge has helped numerous healthcare providers reach their prosperity goals.


  • Develop relationships with exceptional medical and dental specialists.
  • Provide proven clinical and business solutions that enhance productivity and minimize spending.
  • Improve patient care and encourage uncompromising standards.
  • Enhance and secure the specialists’ professional and personal lives through effective business planning and solutions.
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MaxSurge is dedicated to developing high standard, service-oriented medical and dental specialty practices across the nation. MaxSurge endeavors to provide superb, uncompromising business solutions and accelerated business management programs. As a medical and dental specialty corporation, the focus of MaxSurge is to assist in establishing superior and productive practices with exceptional standards of patient care.

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Revenue Cycle Management and Consulting

finance-statistics-chart-graphMany existing healthcare providers get a sense that their practices could be financially healthier. At MaxSurge, we know that it all comes down to revenue cycle and cash flow management. We provide over 60 years combined experience in medical and dental revenue cycle management using certified coders, a comprehensive system of checks and balances, and the latest in technology to ensure that you receive the highest return on investment. We have the cure for financial unhealthiness.

Practice Development Consulting

In addition to customized management programs, MaxSurge provides a variety of services to help build and maintain your practice’s bottom line.

If you are a new provider or venturing out on your own, MaxSurge’s secure and systematic approach will allow you to skip the cost ineffectiveness of trial and error and build or revitalize your practice’s health. Each of our clients has the ability to choose from complete development and billing management program or choose selective needs-focused solutions.

If you want to revitalize in-house but do not know your practice’s weak areas, our comprehensive business assessment will find those areas and guide you through solutions.


  • Billing and Claims Management
  • Office Training
  • Manuals and Documents
  • Managed Medical Account Software
  • Business Assessments
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Referral Surveys and Consulting
  • Accreditation Assistance
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